I love the web, crafting delightful experiences, creatively solving problems, and pushing boundaries

I'm currently working at

. Previously, I helped craft the saving and filling experience at
. I joined as an early employee in customer support and grew into a staff developer role over six years.

Through many projects and exciting problems, I've honed my knowledge of CSS, TypeScript, React, Svelte, browser extensions, and much more. I've had the privilege of working on some key products, such as…

  • Passkeys

    Developing 1Password's interactive demo and walkthrough of passkeys


  • 1Password extension on iOS

    Transforming the 1Password browser extension front-end for the iOS 15 release

    1Password extension on iOS

  • 1Password 8

    Leading the front-end development of 1Password 8 on Linux, macOS, and Windows

    1Password 8

  • 1Password in the browser

    Developing the 1Password browser extension front-end and content scripts

    1Password in the browser

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